EDI Transformation: Can EDI Get With The Times?

While supply chain collaboration tools have evolved, EDI, generally, has not. Trading partners are challenged by having to use and manage EDI in the same way it’s been done for the past 30 years. Their businesses are becoming overwhelmed by the challenges of archaic software and the customization required for each and every trading partner.

EDI is reaching a tipping point. Businesses can’t necessarily stop using EDI, but they want to find ways to do it better and get more from it. An EDI transformation is needed. Every company in the world is looking for ways to get more benefits from their supply chain data. Leveraging EDI data for reporting and analytics will lead to better decision making. EDI is a rich source of supply chain data and it’s generally untapped.

I was luckily asked to participate in a podcast with GT Nexus Supply Chain Radio hosts Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin to discuss how ripe the EDI space is for transformation. We discuss the innovations that are now making trading data easier, less costly, and more beneficial to supporting supply chain efficiencies.

Listen to the entire podcast.

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Erik Kiser
Founder and CEO

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