API Powering the World’s Supply Chain

Enterprises connect once to our
API and immediately trade EDI
data with any trading partner in
their supply chain.

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Enable Your EDI Network

Orderful’s network is composed of buyers, sellers, warehouses, carriers, 3PL’s, ERP’s and iPaaS vendors. Connect once to our cloud EDI software and immediately gain access to the network.

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Empathetic to Your EDI Needs

Eliminate Complexity

By removing the need for companies to build their own point-to-point integration environments.

Improve Infrastructure

Our API offers one common endpoint to trade EDI data in any format with any trading partner.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the need to manage onboarding or build custom
point-to-point integrations.

Gain Control

By moving your EDI data into a single cloud EDI software, you can programmatically control your data.

Accelerate Onboarding

Every customer increases the size of our network, increasing your supply chain reach.

Future Proof EDI

We’re keeping up with the progression of the supply chain so you don’t have to.

Orderful dramatically reduces the time and effort you will spend setting up and maintaining each trading partner.

Built for Industry Leading Companies Like Yours

We are improving the global supply chain by making EDI trading immediate for our
Every customer contributes to our network size. Join us to help improve the world.

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Red Wing Shoe Company

"Orderful has enabled Red Wing Shoe Company to streamline its EDI operations, shifting accountability to our business, allowing them to be self-sufficient and more responsive to our customers' needs."

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Connect with one of our EDI solution experts to learn how Orderful’s cloud EDI software can improve your business.

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