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Reduce EDI Integration Costs with Orderful

This series of blog posts looks at the unnecessary costs associated with your EDI implementation and how you can cut back on these costs with Orderful’s Cloud EDI Platform. A key question you may want to ask yourself is, do you have the bandwidth to manage your EDI integrations? Building…

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cloud EDI

Can Cloud EDI Platform Eliminate Implementation Headaches?

It stands to reason that moving just about any business process to the cloud could make it faster, cheaper, and more flexible. But don’t assume that just because a service bills itself as a cloud EDI solution, it can meet the demanding needs of both you and your trading partners….

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integration brokerages

Hidden Challenges with Integration Brokerages

Our industry saw the emergence of Integration Brokerages as a solution for companies, typically suppliers, who did not want to build and maintain their own 1:1 EDI integrations using an on-premises B2B middleware software or iPaaS. You can find a list of many of these integration brokerages on G2. However,…

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Woman having trouble with EDI transactions

What EDI Transactions Do Your Trading Partners Require?

The global supply chain depends on electronic data interchange (EDI). More than forty years ago the military came up with an efficient way to transmit data. A few years later, the supply chain picked up on this data trading practice, because at the time it was fast and reliable. Through…

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ERP EDI Integration

3 Reasons Why Orderful Simplifies Your ERP EDI Integration

Organizations are under considerable pressure to remain agile and modernize their tech infrastructure. As part of their broader IT strategy, companies must adopt technology advances to keep up with the evolving business landscape. When changing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, IT executives have the opportunity to rethink their business operations….

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Team reviewing EDI business processes

EDI Services Demand a Shift in Mindset

Faced with a business climate that’s more complex and connected than ever, companies are engaging in digital transformation initiatives. EDI services are an integral part of that process, moving from on-premise to cloud solutions. A significant piece in powering a successful transformation comes down to a shift in mindset, in…

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man in warehouse fulfilling orders

How to Simplify Your 3PL Integration

At its core, third-party logistics (3PL) offer services to support specific aspects of shipping operations. It’s the link in the supply chain that brands use to outsource their distribution and fulfillment services. For most manufacturers, 3PL integrations are a tangled web of EDI connections.  We recently wrote an article about…

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EDI integration

Systems Thinking at Orderful

As a software product, it’s imperative that we solve the EDI integration problem through automation.  For those of us that have built a software integration, we tend to think of an integration as one unit of work. We’re problem solvers that like to get sh$t done. Once we finish the…

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EDI Trading Partner

Giving EDI Trading Partners More Visibility into the Carrier Lifecycle

This series of blog posts looks at how EDI costs can constantly fluctuate. The first post “Get Ahead of Your EDI Costs with Predictable Pricing” addresses how EDI costs can constantly fluctuate. Pricing is often based on the number of transactions sent or the number of kilo-characters. The second post in the…

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