Our Mission

To improve the global supply chain by enabling suppliers to immediately trade data.

The Orderful Story

It all began by experiencing the tension between small suppliers and giant buyers.

Our founder draws upon nearly a decade of B2B data trading expertise to help Orderful make EDI trading simpler, cheaper, and better.  Because he began his career building custom EDI integrations for vendors, Erik has a real-world perspective on the challenges companies face as they trade data—and why most EDI providers on the market can’t adequately address these challenges.

After recognizing that integration was a common challenge for enterprises, Erik launched a consulting firm in 2013 that focused on improving EDI and B2B data trading for suppliers. He quickly realized that offering more custom software wasn’t enough—and he set out to find a long-term solution for his customers.

In 2016, Erik began building the software product he always wanted as a developer: a solution that lets trading partners leverage a network, manage all unique third-party requirements in one place, and generate valuable insights and analytics from their EDI data. The result was the foundation of the Orderful platform.

As a new kind of EDI provider, the focus of our platform is to improve the global supply chain by enabling suppliers to immediately trade data with buyers. We are helping the small guys get to market and we want to create a world where data trading is not a barrier.

Orderful was founded to improve data trading for the world. We’re already improving business for thousands of suppliers and we’re just getting started.

Meet Our Board

Erik Kiser

CEO Orderful

David Ulevitch

GP Andreessen Horowitz

John McCarthy


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