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EDI Transaction  ISA ID

Trading EDI data is confusing. You know you need to transact with a trading partner. Typically either sending an EDI transaction like a purchase order or an invoice, with information related to product type, quantity, unit of measure, or price among other fields. When you’re getting started before you reach…

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Select the Right Systems, Choose SaaS EDI

If you’re shopping for a new ERP system, I’m assuming you’re focused on finding the right accounting, supply chain, and CRM functionality. I’m also guessing you haven’t given much thought to EDI functionality. Although I work for a SaaS EDI provider, I’m not offended. And I don’t blame you one…

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Want Predictable EDI Pricing? Look to the Cloud.

As much as we all rely on EDI transmissions for efficient communication with our trading partners, and as much as we all accept that we’re going to have to pay something for this service, most of us have questioned our EDI pricing at some point. One month, the bill seems…

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Removing the Blackbox Approach from EDI Integrations

What happened the last time you had an EDI integration problem between your ERP system and the business software of one of your trading partners? Chances are, you had your software development consultants on the phone and asked them to fix it. If your consultants are capable and responsive, perhaps…

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EDI for Retail: How to Simplify a Painful Process

How broken is EDI for retail? Let me put it this way: I think that when most brands find a new retail partner to sell their goods, their first feeling may be excitement, immediately followed by a feeling of dread about the long, painful process that lies ahead of them….

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EDI system problem solving

Orderful’s EDI System Address Major Challenges

Building a cloud based EDI system has been a dream of mine for the past 7 years. I’ve grown passionate about providing an EDI system through experiencing the pain our customers feel. It’s the feeling that repeatedly exposes the complexity of the problem and sometimes lack of ability of the…

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Why EDI Hasn't Changed

Why EDI Challenges Still Exist

Wasn’t the EDI problem solved 20 years ago? In the industry of B2B and EDI integration, it’s easy to talk about disruption. Companies have been trading documents the same way since inception. Companies not adopting new technology isn’t news. It’s easy to poke fun at the old school methods like…

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