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EDI Software Trends: The Future of EDI

EDI has been a staple for B2B communication for decades. Where’s it headed? What does the future hold? SelectHub has written an article on this topic. They interviewed half a dozen EDI thought leaders, including Orderful’s CEO. Some key takeaways from the article are: Large companies are considering moving to…

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Removing the Blackbox Approach from EDI Integrations

What happened the last time you had an integration problem between your ERP system and the business software of one of your trading partners? Chances are, you had your software development consultants on the phone and asked them to fix it. If your consultants are capable and responsive, perhaps the…

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EDI for Retail: How to Simplify a Painful Process

How broken is EDI for retail? Let me put it this way: I think that when most brands find a new retail partner to sell their goods, their first feeling may be excitement, immediately followed by a feeling of dread about the long, painful process that lies ahead of them….

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Orderful: Delivering EDI as a Service

The EDI experts at Doppio Consulting Services have spent the last seven years building solutions and solving EDI-related problems for Fortune 500 retailers and suppliers. Doppio now offers Orderful—an innovative cloud product (EDI as a Service) that eliminates the complexities surrounding EDI. Orderful is built specifically for suppliers looking to…

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Why EDI Hasn't Changed

Why EDI Challenges Still Exist

Wasn’t the EDI problem solved 20 years ago? In the industry of B2B and EDI integration, it’s easy to talk about disruption. Companies have been trading documents the same way since inception. Companies not adopting new technology isn’t news. It’s easy to poke fun at the old school methods like…

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