Enable Your Supply Chain Data Trading

Orderful enables your retail EDI
trading partners so you don’t have to.


Connect Once to Orderful and Unlock EDI Data with the World

There’s a reason why EDI has been the data transmission standard for trading partners since the early 1970s. EDI trading is reliable and cost-effective for companies that execute thousands of transactions each year.

But there are also reasons why so many vendors and retailers dread working with EDI: it’s costly and complex to set up, and it’s cumbersome to maintain. Every time two companies begin working together, IT staff on both ends have to spend hours building and testing their data connection. And every time a retailer changes its requirements, it means even more development and testing for both parties.

Orderful’s cloud EDI solution lets you take advantage of all the benefits of EDI trading without the headaches. Simply connect your business once to the Orderful platform in the cloud, and from there you’ll be able to trade with an extensive network of retailers.

With Orderful’s cloud EDI solution, you can:

  • Eliminate the need to write custom integrations to retailers.
  • Connect in minutes and start EDI trading immediately.
  • Tap into our network of predefined guidelines and connections.
  • Let us handle maintenance for every connection.
  • Reduce your IT costs.

Why EDI Is Such a Headache for Suppliers— and What You Can Do About It

Building EDI connections is time-consuming, costly, and frustrating—but it shouldn’t be. When you optimize the process of meeting your trading partners’ requirements, you can get more out of EDI with less work.

Find out how in a new white paper from Orderful.

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