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EDI implementation

The Biggest Time-Wasters in Every EDI Implementation

EDI implementation is a time-consuming, costly, and frustrating process for nearly everyone. And what happens when your retailers’ requirements change? You’re expected to make corresponding changes to your EDI implementation. You’ll have to go back in, rewrite code, send a test transaction, get the results, tweak the code, test again,…

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EDI technology

EDI Technology: Is the End in Sight?

Remember when you got your first email account? Basic email functionality really hasn’t changed much since then. Still, despite the lack of innovation, email continues to be the standard for business communication. The same is true of EDI technology. The technology itself hasn’t changed much. But it remains our go-to…

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EDI mapping

EDI Mapping Solved with These Killer Features

EDI mapping is necessary because every company runs a different ERP system. Companies that are on the same platform likely use those systems differently. Every time you add another EDI trading partner, you have to engage in hours of careful EDI mapping and testing to make sure your ERP will…

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