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EDI mapping

Experts are Required for EDI Mapping

EDI mapping is a simple concept. The objective is to connect two systems to automate communication. If you’re sending EDI transactions you must map data from your system of record to an EDI file. In addition, when you’re receiving EDI transactions you must map data from the EDI file to…

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Man in warehouse handling EDI

EDI Transaction  ISA ID

Trading EDI data is confusing. You know you need to transact with a trading partner. Typically either sending an EDI transaction like a purchase order or an invoice, with information related to product type, quantity, unit of measure, or price among other fields. When you’re getting started before you reach…

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Select the Right Systems, Choose SaaS EDI

If you’re shopping for a new ERP system, I’m assuming you’re focused on finding the right accounting, supply chain, and CRM functionality. I’m also guessing you haven’t given much thought to EDI functionality. Although I work for a SaaS EDI provider, I’m not offended. And I don’t blame you one…

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